Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle Injections used to temporally relax upper facial muscles to reduce dynamic lines and wrinkles. As we age, the lines on the forehead and around eyes start to appear deeper and longer. Anti-wrinkle injections are a popular facial rejuvenation treatment and are an effective procedure that helps to refresh your facial appearance and to reduce forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler products are a clear sterile gel that consists of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is found naturally in our body, where its main role is to provide hydration to the skin by attracting water molecules. HA fillers are biocompatible and biodegradable and can last from 6 to up to 24 months. Longevity of Dermal Fillers may vary from person to person and depends on the product choice, area treated, and the volume injected


PlasmaLift Injections

I proud to be the premier provider of Endoret® (PRGF®) technology, the market's most advanced system for obtaining platelet-rich autologous plasma. The most contemporary research finally discovered an ideal formula for a completely natural rejuvenation and healing of your skin. The PRGF® (Plasma Rich Growth Factors) injections are an innovative approach to anti-ageing, where you yourself are the source of rejuvenation and giving back of that lost glow to your skin.


Hydrating Beauty Booster injections

Is your complexion dull? Is your skin dry? Are dreaded lines and wrinkles appearing? Wrinkling is a prominent feature of skin aging. Skin naturally thins and loses volume over time as hyaluronic acid gradually diminish. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a major component of our skin that assists in retaining skin moisture, keeps collagen synthesis up, has space filling capacity and provides the framework for blood vessel formation. During our lifespan, HA level gradually declines due to the normal process of aging, daily UV-exposure and other external damage such as smoking.


Lip Rejuvenation & Enhancement

The beautiful lips are never out of fashion. Whether you would like to redefine border, add more volume, reduce ‘smoker’ lines or create a perfect pout, we can create the perfect lips you have always wanted.


Tear Troughs

Tear troughs are the grooves that sit between the lower eyelid and the cheeks. The tear trough is a common ageing concern for many aesthetic patients, as it tends to be the first thing people notice when making eye contact with one another. Infraorbital hollowing can give patients a fatigued appearance, perhaps despite them having sufficient rest. Non-surgically, the ‘tear trough deformity’ can be treated with dermal fillers and help to disguise eyebags and smooth the transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek. Tear trough treatment had high satisfaction ratings and gives an instant ‘freshness’ around eye area. Most commonly, 1 to 2mL of dermal fillers are used to fill the tear trough and cheek area.


Double Chin Injections

Submental fat or double chin treatment is one of the most requested treatments. Fat dissolving injection treatment initiates a process during which fat is dissolved and then eliminated from the body via the metabolic process, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin. Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected once you reach your desired aesthetic goal.